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Kohler Diesel KDI Electronic Common Rail



It's our most powerful engine ever - and one of the most compact in its range. This advanced engine features 4-valve head, turbocharger, oil control system and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). There's no DPF so the engine is ultra compact with no DPF maintenance or wasted fuel.

Fuel Type
74 Horizontal Four Liquid Diesel New

High Power Performance.

Our most powerful engine ever has a turbocharger that delivers 364 lb.-ft. (500 Nm) of torque @ 1500 rpm. It's packed into an ultra compact design with no DPF, so there's no wasted fuel or DPF maintenance. And it's built to last, with heavy-duty construction for demanding applications.


Quiet, Smooth Operation.

  • In-block counterbalance shafts
  • Low noise, low vibration
  • Hydraulic valve lifters

Reliability and Long Life Design.

  • Cast iron crankcase
  • Compact design

Increased Efficiency.

  • Advanced common-rail direct injection
  • No DPF means no fuel wasted on regeneration

High Power Performance.

  • Turbo-charger delivers 364 lb.-ft. (500 Nm) of torque @ 1500 rpm
  • Responds instantly to demanding loads
  • Optimized to your equipment's hydraulics

Lowest Operating Cost.

  • 4 valves per cylinder
Engine Uses

Engine Type:

Four-stroke in-line, cast iron block, high pressure common rail, waste-gate turbocharger, no DPF

Diesel KDI3404TCR
J1940 Power hp(kW) 1 74 (55)
Displacement cu in (cc) 205 (3359)
Bore in (mm) 3.8 (96)
Stroke in (mm) 4.6 (116)
Peak Torque lbs. ft (Nm) 277 (375)
Compression Ratio
Dry Weight lbs (kg) 868 (394)
Oil Capacity U.S. quarts (L) 16.5 (15.6)
Lubrication Full Pressure
Dimensions L x W x H in 28.2 x 22.8 x 32.1
1 Power (hp) and Torque (lbs ft) specifications for Kohler general purpose engines are rated pursuant to Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J1940 based on gross output testing performed according to SAE J1995 without the air cleaner and muffler. Actual engine power and torque are lower and affected by accessories (air cleaner, exhaust, charging, cooling, fuel pump, etc.), application, engine speed, ambient operating conditions (temperature, humidity and altitude) and other factors. This J1940 / J1995 rating provides consistent measurement to customers who may want to control the intake and exhaust features of the engine. For more information, contact Kohler Co. Engine Engineering Department. Kohler Co. reserves the right to change product specifications, designs and standard equipment without notice and without incurring obligation.