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Safety Tips

Please Read Carefully

Safe, responsible operation of your KOHLER engine is of the utmost importance. The following safety precautions should be followed at all times. Failure to follow these precautions could result in injury to yourself and others.

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Safety Precautions

To ensure safe operation please read the following statements and understand their meaning. Also refer to your equipment manufacturer's manual for other important safety information.

WARNING—Indicates the presence of a hazard that can cause severe personal injury, death or substantial property damage if the warning is ignored.

CAUTION—Indicates the presence of a hazard that will or can cause minor personal injury or property damage if the caution is ignored.

NOTE—Indicates installation, operation or maintenance information that is important but not hazard-related.

Electrical Shock

Never touch electrical wires or components while the engine is running. They can be sources of electrical shock.

CAUTION—Electrical shock can cause injury. Do not touch wires while engine is running.

Spring Under Tension

Retractable starters contain a powerful, recoil spring that is under tension. Always wear safety goggles when servicing retractable starters and carefully follow instructions in Section 7: Retractable Starter of the Kohler Service Manual for relieving spring tension.

WARNING—Uncoiling spring can cause severe injury. Wear safety goggles or face protection when servicing retractable starter.

Flammable Solvents

Carburetor cleaners and solvents are extremely flammable. Keep sparks, flames, and other sources of ignition away from the area. Follow the cleaner manufacturer's warnings and instructions on its proper and safe use. Never use gasoline as a cleaning agent.

WARNING—Cleaning solvents can cause severe injury or death. Use only in well ventilated areas away from ignition sources.

Explosive Gas

Batteries produce explosive hydrogen gas while being charged. To prevent a fire or explosion, charge batteries only in well-ventilated areas. Keep sparks, open flames and other sources of ignition away from the battery at all times. Keep batteries out of the reach of children. Remove all jewelry when servicing batteries. Before disconnecting the negative (-) ground cable, make sure all switches are turned to OFF. If turned ON, a spark will occur at the ground cable terminal. This could cause an explosion if hydrogen gas or gasoline vapors are present.

WARNING—Explosive gas can cause fires and severe acid burns. Charge battery only in a well-ventilated area. Keep away from ignition sources.

Lethal Exhaust Gases

Engine exhaust gases contain poisonous carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless and can cause death if inhaled. Avoid inhaling exhaust fumes and never run the engine in a closed building or confined area.

WARNING—Carbon monoxide can cause severe nausea, fainting or death. Do not operate engine in a closed or confined area.

Explosive Fuel

Gasoline is extremely flammable and its vapors can explode if ignited. Store gasoline only in approved containers, in well-ventilated, unoccupied buildings, away from sparks or flames. Do not fill the fuel tank while the engine is hot or running, since spilled fuel could ignite if it comes in contact with hot parts or sparks from ignition. Do not start the engine near spilled fuel. Never use gasoline as a cleaning agent.

WARNING—Explosive fuel can cause fires and severe burns. Stop engine before filling fuel tank.

Hot Parts

Engine components can get extremely hot from operation. To prevent severe burns, do not touch these areas while the engine is running or immediately after it is turned off. Never operate the engine with heat shields or guards removed.

WARNING—Hot parts can cause severe burns. Do not touch engine while operating or just after stopping.

Rotating Parts

Keep hands, feet, hair and clothing away from all moving parts to prevent injury. Never operate the engine with covers, shrouds or guards removed.

WARNING—Rotating parts can cause severe injury. Stay away while engine is in operation.

Accidential Starts

Before servicing the engine or equipment, disable the engine by first disconnecting the spark plug lead(s) and then disconnecting the negative (-) battery cable from battery.

WARNING—Accidental starts can cause severe injury or death. Disconnect and ground spark plug leads before servicing.